Authority Building : How to Gain the Right Publicity for Your Business

Authority Building is more than just landing exposure.

You don’t need publicity; you need “effective and efficient” publicity. Just landing a feature from a large publication doesn’t drive more sales if the written article and publication are not aligned to your target audience. Also, depending on the writer, the quality of the article may just be a fluff piece, yet another bio question and answer. You need to build trust, authority, and engagement. The most reliable way to do that is to become the writer or to have someone assist you in writing the piece.

Contributor Status is the Key

Better than relying on writers to describe what you do is to find practical publications that you can become a contributor. Each contribution must provide value to the publication’s reader base and also should subtly drive traffic to your own site by offering additional downloadables or referencing articles from your own blog. If done correctly, you are providing ample value and never selling. You never need to sell, as people will be moved if you consistently deliver value and discover your website where you can continue to build more trust and convert them into subscribers and customers.

We also can help you become a thought leader in your area of expertise by helping you organize and leveraging “model and platform” paradigm we have developed ourselves to become thought leaders in the digital marketing space.

Our authority building strategy is unique as we see exposure as a part of the big picture. The big picture is you want to help ideal customers and deliver tremendous value to them, in turn, they reward you with financial value in return. Doing this for written publications requires we focus on providing tremendous value and showcase our vast knowledge understanding that if we are consistent in our endeavors, we will inherently increase sales as people will want more of our knowledge and they will discover our website.

Short Form Books and Podcasting

Additionally, we can analyze whether short-form publications (Kindle Books) and podcasting will provide the exposure necessary to gain awareness and drive traffic to your website. We have produced podcasts and published on the Kindle platform, and they are great vehicles when they align to what the ideal customer avatar would consume. It is not of any value to have a podcast when your ideal customer would never listen to a podcast.

Getting Found By Mass Media

We will also optimize your website to build a better opportunity to be discovered by media as well. Leveraging our vast expertise with mass media, we can develop and effective and efficient mass media strategy customized to meet your needs and goals.