Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has exploded to become the ultimate marketing channel for business. Want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity? We have a unique vision of what social media marketing truly can do for your business. Social is not about selling, but the art of listening and delivering value. Listen, listen, listen and after that listen even more and deliver value. Participate, trust, and publish valuable content. If you concentrate on trust building and listening to their requirements, the truth is, we have found you practically never need to sell, they will reward you with sales. The more the concentrate on these vital elements, not only will they will purchase your goods or service, but become part of a genuine tribe of evangelists expanded the reach of your brand to people you would be unable to reach.

Successful social media marketing has to be comprehensive. Ananda will work with you to do an extensive multi-channel social marketing campaign that. Let us help grow your company with a customized social media marketing plan that can create effects. We also can train your staff, so they are confidently able enough to leverage social network with the same methods we incorporate.

We guarantee to improve your success with your social promotion campaigns. Your Social Media Marketing Plan will be customized to your meet your needs.


We start with a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your current social media marketing and advertising efforts. We will also review what your competitors. Based on our expertise as well as research, we are going to create actionable recommendations which will become the basis of your Social Media Strategic Marketing Plan.


We will make a comprehensive and actionable social network marketing strategy for the company utilizing the audit and complete a more extensive and actionable 25 point societal media strategy plan if you choose that you would like to go further than an audit. We can either help you train your staff to execute the plan or have our staff completely handle execution of the plan.


Beyond the strategic plan, we can also help with reporting. How do you know what’s just noise with this much data accessible and what is a signal of succeeding? Ananda will give you the reporting required for you to discover a return on investment on your social media marketing plan. These reports are easy to understand overall big picture views of what is going on with your social media marketing. We deliver Key Performance indicators on the impact of your social media marketing on your sales. Though statistics about shares, retweets and likes are cool, they are our primary focus. Our main focus is to improve your sales, and our dashboard reflects that.