Learn More About Search Engine Optimization

Why is it vital to Invest in Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing your website in order to make it more relevant in regards to keywords that a user might search for so that search engines rank your site higher for that keyword. We want to optimize our SEO to the keywords and long tail keyword phrases that align with what the page is. It is fruitless to rank high for a keyword that is not relevant to your business, product or service offering. Search engines need to give user the responses that are most important, useful, and trustworthy and therefore, optimal search engine optimization is a vital part of your marketing strategy.

As business owners, you want to be in the top 4 organic search results for those keywords that are significant to your business as 94% of searchers clicked on a first-page search result. Also, SEO is important for the following reasons:

Better User Experience

SEO is about supplying the user with the most relevant, fastest, and finest experience possible. When they are searching for something they want relevant results quickly. By ranking high in the search for keywords that matter to your business and product, a user knows that your site is relevant to their search. We do not want to annoy users with fruitless high rankings on keywords that do not mean anything to our business. If we can delight the user by adding value, showing them we care by providing thorough and complete answers to their “search,” they may convert and become repeat visitor, subscriber and perhaps a customer of ours.

SEO = Perceived Authority

Individuals instinctively trust search engine results. They see Google and other engines as an impartial information referee. When you rank high, the users convey that as a sign of authority.

Best possibility of Conversion

Online marketing, including search engine marketing, brings people who are looking for particular product or service. If you rank in the top four results for a keyword phrase and your content is relevant to their search query’s intent, then it is easier to convert them into buyers.

Best Insight into Your Customers

A Properly will raise your overall domain authority leading to even higher rankings for other keywords. We can use Google Analytics to monitor precious details about your visitors and use this information to hone in the marketing further to drive conversions higher. Maybe many people are coming from Spain,

Ananda will help architect, build and maintain an SEO strategy that will target optimal keywords and long tail keywords ( phrases where it is relatively easier to rank higher for) that align perfectly with your business. We will help develop the content with you and build a strategy going forward to add to your website to strengthen your SEO continuously. In addition , we will provide you with detailed reporting to make sure you have the metrics needed in order to determine ROI on your SEO investment.