Why You aren’t spending enough on your Ad spend


According to a study of data* gathered in Q3 2016, paid search CTRs have increased 38%, generally thanks to Google removing right-hand-side advertisements and making paid search look more “native.”

Other interesting facts from the study:

– Mobile clicks and ad spend are up 48% and 39% from the previous year. Mobile now represents 35% of all search spend and 43% of all clicks.

-Video marketing on social media has likewise increased drastically and mobile continues to be an essential growth driver.

-Facebook and Instagram’s Dynamic Product Ads have rocketed 95% since last year. Dynamic Product Ads now comprises more than 42% and 21% of online retailers social media spend.

– Search spend on Product listing boxes, like Google’s Shopping for, have soared 87% in a year.

– Social Media spend on Facebook and Instagram, exponentially increased 155% in a year and video now represents 22% of social ad spend.

– Click through Rates on social ads are up 21% considering that in 2015.

– Social advertisement invest directed at mobile has increased by 61% YoY with mobile phones now representing 70% of all paid social clicks.

*Statistics are drawn from Kenshoo’s analysis of 750 billion impressions, 13 billion clicks and $6 billion (USD) of advertising spend.


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