Inbound Marketing and How We get Results for Our Clients

Ananda Solutions provides our clients with five essential inbound marketing services:

Attract Highly Qualified Prospects
Convert these Highly Qualified Prospects into Highly Qualified Leads
Converting these leads into customers
Enchanting customers into evangelists with exemplary customer service and authentic customer care
Measuring and Optimizing 1-4 for scalability

1. Attract Highly Qualified Prospects

Sales and marketing have had a significant paradigm shift since 2006. As the Internet became more ubiquitous and global, buyers have made a radical change in how they purchase products. Retail stores, calling a business to get more information, and the like have been replaced by a buyer Googling what they need and only contacting the company when they are ready to buy. No longer are they in need of lengthy phone calls or explanations of what your products or services can do, they have already done their research already and more likely know more about what you do then you do. Small and medium businesses are in the dark as they are still speaking “traditional sales and market-ese.” It is like the difference between old English or another classic language and its modern counterpart.

Traditional Sales and Marketing is interruption based. Think about the commercials between the television you may watch, or the radio and magazine ads between the content you want to consume. Even their modern internet counterparts (Youtube, Podcasts, Blogs) still maintain some form of this old marketing strategy. Technology is also usurping this strategy. Ad Blockers are increasing in usage as users want the content they want without the interruptions. How valuable are those ads if the user does not want those ads to interrupt their experience and are willing to use Ad blockers to prevent them from showing?

Instead of banging our heads on the proverbial wall, there is a better way, inbound marketing. Traditionally your sales and marketing would go to where the potential client resided. You would do some form of interruption to gain their attention. However, how valuable was that? How efficient was that disruption? Based on your chosen channel, you may not be able to filter who is listening to and interested in buying your products. You may think how is this a bad thing? Well, the golden rule of business is not to maximize revenue, it is to maximize profit. You just want the ideal customers to buy not just anyone. You want the best customers so you can provide them with the best value. You do not want “bad” customers, and we all have had our share that require 10x more support, 10x more headaches for 1/10th the value.

Inbound is not interruption based. Instead of you going to your potential customer in a disruptive way, they come to you. As an example, they search for “pool water shoes” on Google. Their query composes of two things (an intent and a context). The intent is the why whereas context is the what. Google will provide them a list of what Google’s algorithm and deep machine learning thinks is best for what their query. People use Google because when you query something, the results are pertinent to your question. Google would not match a dating website to someone who queried for “grieving the loss of a loved one, ” and thus it becomes the defacto place, aka authority when asking questions. Successful Inbound occurs when you become the “mini-Google” for the particular subject area that relates to the products and services you sell. In the eyes of your audience, you become the authority.

We eat, sleep and breathe inbound marketing. The first essential service is to attract more qualified leads to your website where we will build a content marketing and search engine optimization strategy to efficiently determine qualified leads, leads that have the potential to be your ideal customers. Effective lead generation involves determining who you are ideal customers are and what marketing channels do they respond to best.

Are they on Facebook? Then we will build and implement a content marketing strategy that engages them on Facebook.

Do they listen to podcasts about your product or service? Then podcasting will be a strategy to use as well.

In addition to organic traffic growth from content marketing and search engine optimization, we also will build and implement a Paid Traffic strategy. Having both organic and paid traffic strategy will help grow your “qualified” audience to your business.

Ananda provides both planning and implementation of a comprehensive traffic strategy to increase highly qualified leads to your business. Ananda’s Inbound marketing experts are experts in digital marketing and inbound marketing and fluent on many marketing automation platforms.

(HubSpot, Salesforce / Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Infusionsoft). Unlike other inbound marketing agencies, we are not tied to one particular platform. We are partners with all the leading marketing automation platforms, and we can match our clients with the best platform for their business and their business goals.

2. Convert these Highly Qualified Prospects into Highly Qualified Leads

Once you have highly qualified leads, you need to entice them to become leads. Typically, this is done via a “Trip-wire” offer, where in exchange for an email address and perhaps a phone number, you provide them something so enticing in value (Free guide, free product, free webinar, free course) that they are willing to trade you their contact information for it. To paraphrase the last section, you want to align the trip wire offer to what they were searching for. So if we have HubSpot or a similar marketing automation software, we can look at what information they are looking at on the website and build an offer (typically digital) that provides them additional value. When the offers align with the information on the page, the conversions are higher. Now we can engage with the users in a more one on one fashion via email and personalize their information to what they need as they visit the website. One major aspect that businesses forget is that the process of conversion needs to be measured so that we can optimize the conversion rate. You cannot do that without having metrics and being able to test changes. You also need to make the trip-wire offer page visually optimized so that conversion rates will be higher.

Ananda will help architect, implement, and optimize your trip-wire offers and underlying marketing automation. You deserve to have our experts build you a highly converting trip wire offer to grow your audience. In addition to just the conversion side, we also do architect, implement and optimize your customer engagement. We will have developed a robust email marketing strategy to engage leads and convert them to buyers. As we learn more about our converted leads, we continuously optimize the conversion and email marketing campaigns.

3.Converting these leads into customers

Every buyer goes through the buyer’s journey. At first, they start as a prospect. They visit your website having landed there based on a search query, social link or a link from a different website. During each step of the buyer’s journey, we need to help them continue to the next step. We need to provide the insight and value they are looking for before they buy. At an early stage, they may just need to be more informed about the subject while at later stages they require more product evaluation knowledge and to address any buyer objections they have. By aligning content to match where they are in the buyer’s journey, we can be their “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” their Jedi Sherpa helping them transform into customers.

Ananda’s content marketing and email marketing campaigns focus on the entire buyer journey path from awareness all the way to consideration and every aspect in between. We get our clients to do a deep dive with us to really understand their customers and be able to build a buyer experience that will help elevate these leads into customers. We will use the knowledge gained at this step to optimize all previous inbound marketing aspects. Our intention is to make your inbound marketing efforts and the buyer’s experience similar to a slip and slide in the summer time. There is no friction in the buyer’s journey, and it is a whole lot of fun. They easily slide from one step to another.

4.Enchanting customers into evangelists with exemplary customer service and authentic customer care

The primary reason why businesses do not grow is they think that growth means acquiring more customers. Growth means gaining more profit; being more productive and efficient with the customers you have. Acquiring customers are a higher cost than retaining the customers you have already. Also, you already know what you have with the customers you already have. What businesses fail to do is to get more repeat customers. To build engagement and exemplary customer service to make the customers, you have elated and empowered them to become brand evangelists. The best sales force you can have as a business owner are happy clients who are elated brand ambassadors.

Ananda will help architect, implement, and optimize a customer engagement campaign to generate repeat customers and to enable them to promote your brand to the world. When you have your best customers as evangelists, you will be amazed at how fast you will grow.

5. Measuring and Optimizing 1-4 for scalability

You will always be measuring and optimizing the four aspects as you grow to meet your goals. All the way, automation is our aim as we want to build for scalability. We always have your long-term vision in mind, and our strategies and marketing automation platforms recommendations are geared towards the optimal platform both to meet your current needs and your future plans.

Ananda is Inbound Marketing Bliss. It is in our DNA. We are eager to double the sales of 10,000 businesses by 2020.