Learn More About Online Advertising

There are is a vast amount of choices when it comes to advertising online. You can go programmatic and have your ad delivered to various large scale sites in the form of a banner ad. Programmatic has even taken on satellite radio and satellite television. Each social network also has different advertising opportunities as well and the search engines  are no slouch. Story ads also should be a consideration for certain businesses. With all this variety, you can be overwhelmed by the many choices  there are.

We start with a simple and effective plan. Identify your ideal customer avatars. We want to know them intimately, learn about their psychographics and demographics. What language  do they use. What advertising channels would be “honey” for them? What message would be best to convey to them?

By understanding this we can then determine the appropriate strategy targeting the channels that will produce the result efficiently and effectively. By efficiently, we mean that we are not here to target every single person. We are here to target the ideal people, those that match your agreed upon ideal customer avatar. Everyone else is superfluous. Other agency’s don’t laser target to the level of detail we do and just use a blanket approach hoping that something will work , that sheer numbers will get you a few ideal customers. We are determined to do things better and micro target the specific ideal customer avatars and their behavior and the advertising channels that would be more responsive for them. Effective because we will design messaging that will convey exactly what is needed to get that targeted ideal customer to convert into a customer.